Tax and insurance changes

I was talking to an insurance specialist and it looks like I am going to have an increase per month of $4-600 for insurance(I pay for my own insurance through the marketplace). In addition, I also have a tax bill from an audit that needs to be paid that I have been putting off and just picked up a letter from the post office from the IRS that states the intent to put a lien/levy on property. I did a thought download and realize that these are neutral circumstances and that my plethora of thoughts that are creating overwhelm, fear, confusion, resentment etc. are unnecessary, full of drama, and not helping me figure out what I need to do. I have made much progress in the last couple of years as I was a stay at home Mom and now support myself and my daughters with no assistance from their Dad. I want to be the kind of woman that knows she can figure out how to create the money I need to pay for these debts and to thrive financially instead of where I’m currently at financially. The models below help put things in perspective and I keep repeating the intentional model, allowing the emotions but my belief is just not there yet and the fear is strong.

c: tax bill and insurance cost increase
t: I’m in over my head
f: afraid
a: cry, blame, complain, spin, buffer, wallow, tense up my whole body, stress out
r: my brain is shut down and I spin in confusion and take no action to creating additional income – stay paralyzed in fear

c: tax bill and insurance cost increase
t: I’ve figured things out before and I will do it for this as well
f: capable
a: call the IRS, evaluate my insurance options, sell things on eBay, look at my numbers, apply for different/additional jobs, work on my business
r: have results to evaluate based on the actions taken and keep going until I pay this off

I also realize that I am believing that if I were to have paid these debts and wasn’t in my current financial situation, I’d feel better. Glad for this awareness and know on an intellectual level that this is not true because it’s always my thoughts, not the C. So, I am working on the story I want to tell now but also want to change my financial situation because I don’t want to have any debt. Lots of good learning here for sure but could use some wisdom.