Tax Woes

My biggest fear came true when I found out I owed in back taxes from my previous business. I was able to pay off $10k of it, which was the whole bill.

Now, I’m getting tax bills that are incorrect. I wasn’t in business last year for the business they’re billing me for and they sent me a bill of $500.

They also haven’t updated my 2017 taxes that had to be amended, which was a mistake on my part and my horrible CPA. They are saying I owe $1,928, which I do not. They also say they’re going to take it out of my account.

I have the money. But I don’t want to spend it on taxes that aren’t truly mine. The 2017 says they will take it out of my account soon. I was just notified that they were incorrect and tried correcting them as soon as possible.

This gives me so much anxiety like they’re going to take ALL of my money and like throw me in jail or something outrageous. I feel like they’re just going to keep billing me for random amounts that I won’t be able to keep up with. It scares me so much and I feel like I did something horribly wrong, even though I know these are false bills. I feel like they will make me pay them anyway because it’s the government and they don’t care about me. Plus, I had back taxes owed that they could use against me, even though I paid them in full, which was only like a week ago.

I’m pregnant so I wake up a lot at night to pee and usually I can fall right back asleep, but lately I will think about this tax problem and not get as good a night of sleep.

Here’s a Model:

C – Any tax bill that comes in the mail
T – They’re going to take all my money, I’m not going to have anything left
F – anxiety, worry
A – Call/email my CPA (I’m like her best friend now because this has been like a weekly occurrence now), attempt to contact the IRS on my own, worry about taxes and that I don’t have enough money, don’t focus on my business to make more money, sit in anxiety/anger and ignore the things around me (like kids and husband), don’t sleep well because of the worry
R – Worry about taxes even though nothing has actually changed