TDL about a guy

I just did a pretty extensive TDL on a guy I’m dating. I have this gut feeling that it’s not right for me – I don’t feel like he really understands me, I don’t find myself particularly interested in what he talks about, I don’t feel like he would be my “best friend”. I’m terrified of possibly missing out on that true love I dream of, and truly being with someone I feel like is my favorite person and best friend. I don’t believe we have only one soulmate, or a twin flame or any of that. But, I’ve really been strongly attracted to guys in the past and I don’t feel that way about this guy.

But, on paper he has basically everything I think I want. But we aren’t going to stay up late spending hours on the phone. That really makes my heart feel sad, and I feel like I’m selling myself short.

How can I get clarity on whether I just break up with him now? My intuition says to end it. But I’m terrified (I don’t do a great job at those conversations and leave relationships lingering for way too long), I know he really likes me, and I can’t seem to get the words right.

What thoughts do you see in my synopsis that I should model out? I’ve never really done relationship models before, and need some direction on how to get more intentional and conscious about this.