Teaching on a podcast

Hi Brooke!

I’m about to start a podcast of my own (in French, my native language), and I wonder if you have some insights about teaching via this medium, and specifically how to handle the fact that some of your listeners have listened to all of your episodes, so they’re super familiar with your material and your lingo, while others are just coming on board and may find it harder to jump in.

I myself always get what you’re talking about because I’ve listened to every. single. one of your podcasts in order (I’m disciplined like that ;)), but I often see how you’re building on teachings from past podcasts, and wonder how it sounds to brand-new listeners.

I see you have (what seems like) a very natural talent for teaching, but do you have an intentional strategy about that, or are you so used to presenting your approach to all kinds of people, old and new, that you don’t have to think about it?

Thank you!