Teaching people how to treat you

Hi Brooke,

If someone says a derogatory comment to you (someone you care about), I feel like if I just ignore it, don’t retaliate, then they will think I am an easy target and they can speak to me in that manner again. I haven’t stuck up for myself, so therefore teaching them they can treat me negatively without any consequence. If I retaliate and say something back, then I have given them my power, as I have been bought down to ‘their level’, and go into a more negative space. Which I don’t want either. I don’t want to care about what they say, but care about them so don’t want them to think of my negatively (So I do care) etc. I am a bit confused how to handle it. It feels like when I do nothing, they are just getting away with it. That doesn’t feel good either. I get upset when things aren’t fair or right. I don’t know how to let this go?

Thanks Brooke x