Teaching similar concepts

Hi Brooke! WOW did it take me awhile to realize this was a thought…and it is hurting me!

So, I have a coaching business and I’ve always taught my clients about thoughts creating feelings creating actions creating results. I’ve learned about this stuff since my own therapy, plus through schooling, and that’s part of the reason I love your podcast and program so much…is the way you teach it and how you deliver it. AMAZING and obviously so helpful.

But! (Duh, duh, duhhhhhh)…now when I teach a webinar or training of it to my clients I have this HUGE fear that someone is going to see me and say, “That’s what Brooke teaches!” and think that I’m stealing. It’s not just with SCS. It’s with anything where someone teaches something similar to me. I’m so nervous they’ll think I’m stealing which by NO MEANS is my intention. I try to share what I learn and DO attribute specific concepts to specific people when it’s a concept they themselves created.

The thought “what if someone thinks I stole this” is typically at the forefront of my mind when creating or doing trainings, if I’ve seen the info being taught before.

Is this just a thought I need to work on changing? I by NO MEANS wish to steal anyones work and am extremely cognizant of how I present things and do often present my own ideas, but certain self-help concepts I’ve found are just universal, but I get really caught up in whether someone will be rubbed the wrong way, offended, or think I stole something.

Am I just turning nothing into something?

Thanks for your help in advance.