Team Leadership

I get stuck on my A and R lines of my model.

C: Patient had Stat Lab orders at 03:00, lab’s first attempt made 1.5 hours later. Patient coded and died. Per policy, Stat lab orders are to be collected within 20 minutes.
T: Team Lead doesn’t take charge when it’s needed and “takes charge” when it isn’t necessary
F: Frustrated
A: communicate with judgement tone, tell myself he is going to be difficult to develop, share my perspective about his performance with other leaders, blame night team for lack of initiative
R: No Leadership

I can see my thought is causing me to feel frustrated and it makes sense that my knee jerk response is to blame and shame in my A line. I can see that doing these things doesn’t move me forward in leading the team the way I want to lead them. In a way I’m not taking charge where I should, like wasting energy on this A line vs. putting energy into an effective performance and development conversation.

What am I missing? I’m just looking at my model and thinking “ok” I can see how I spend time in unproductive models, so what?