Team member at work

I have a situation at work with one of my team members. My manager stated that this person told them that they are unhappy and don’t like this job. The team member can have a volatile temperament. They are also very outspoken and I am anxious about what they may say or do. I have to supervise and give work to this person.

C: Manager stated team member is unhappy
T: Team member is a wild card
F: Stress
A: Anticipate friction, want to avoid, urge to devour candy, swirling thoughts
R: Further diminish relationship with team member

C: Manager stated team member is unhappy
T: I can handle whatever comes up — don’t know that I believe this
F: Calm
A: Plan to act as normal is assigning work, don’t avoid
R: Increase confidence in my ability to manage what happens

My first model is the unintentional model where I am feeling a lot of stress. Worrying about what might happen. The second is my attempt at an intentional model. But, I am not sure I believe the thought yet. Should I just be allowing the stress and knowing I can follow through despite it? Any thoughts welcome.