Teen Car Purchase

Hi Brooke,
I’m trying to wrap my brain around how to correctly think about an abundant money mindset is certain situations. Here’s an example of where I am struggling. We have a daughter turning 16 in August so we would like to add a teen car for the home. I feel that $9,000 is a sufficient budget for a good/reliable, first time teen car. My husband feels that he just want a really good value and is looking at cars up to $14,000. We do have money in the bank for both prices. When thinking about money, I know that part of my believe system is that “we have money in the bank for such purchases because we save it and make wise purchases when we spend it.” I am not sacred/worried to make either purchase. I know that we will be fine, but if finding a good deal at $9000 is possible I would rather have a $9,000 teen car and money in the bank. 🙂 Is setting a lower budget that I feel is a decent budget limiting the money abundance mindset? Or is setting limits (even if you can afford much higher) a good practice? How should I be looking at this with an abundant money mind set? Thanks, Brooke.