Teen Daughter

Hi! I would like some help on how to talk to my 14 year old about how she dresses. I do not want to “slut shame” her. I want her to feel comfortable in her body and not feel like its something that needs to be covered up, but at the same time, I do not think it’s appropriate for her to wear low cut shirts that show cleavage. She’s 14. She is beautiful. She has boobs. I do not want to teach her to worry about what other people’s thoughts are, but I also don’t think she should be wearing tops that show cleavage around her friend’s parents and older brothers. My husband feels very strongly about this. And is expecting me to “deal with this.” I have talked to her about this, but I’m not sure if I am communicating correctly. I obviously want to come from the feeling of LOVE. I just feel like I need an example of what LOVE looks like in this situation when it comes to taking ACTION. Just letting her wear whatever she wants without saying anything seems irresponsible and comes from the thought “I hope this just goes away on its own.” The word “appropriate” feels judge-y. But at 14, I do think there are appropriate clothes and not appropriate clothes, and as her parent, I have the responsibility to teach her the difference. Please help! I would really appreciate some guidance! Thank you!