Teenage boys

My 16-year-old son just came home from being with friends in a park and told me that a group of boys came around them starting trouble. One of them kicked my son in the face but he said he didn’t retaliate and eventually they left.

He was fine though his tooth was chipped, but he wasn’t particularly upset by the experience, saying the other boys were just idiots.

He wants to return with his friends to the park again tomorrow. I realise I can’t really stop him from going on the basis these other boys might show up but I feel like I wish I could.

I can’t control what these other boys might do if they are there again or how my son might react. I feel worried and I wish I could just keep him at home where I know he’s safe.

Incidentally, we have been in lockdown for almost a year so he wants and needs his freedom. How can I help myself here?