Teenage Boys

Brooke, I have two teen boys (almost 15 and 16). It’s a roller coaster of parenting. I’ve been on board since Jan. 1, found ur podcast at end of Nov 2017. Life changing! Your offers work! Lol, all I needed to hear was your podcast for a week and I was ALL IN! I’ve coming in Sept Coach training-Eeeek I am beyond excited and have lost 20 pounds so yes ALL IN and taking massive action for me. Hubs is loving the change he sees in me to. My boys not so much. I want to teach them more of your lessons but typical teenage boys-I get the eye rolls. One will kind of listen but the younger one not so much. How can I give them nuggets of your stuff? I tell them this is what y’all should be learning in high school-strong mental health to go into adulthood not all those crazy courses they HAVE TO take. Anyway here are my two models I have running on both of my boys, more towards the younger one. Please help!
T-we are not close and I’m misunderstood
A-we don’t talk
R-distant relationship with each other

T-I’m going to respect his spirit and not give into his immature thoughts
F-excited and love for him
A-show him love and compassion with my talk and actions
R-loving relationship with him

Another model:
T-he is not going to make the team because he don’t seem to care
A-I fuss and say wrong things
R-distance our relationships

T-this is his life and he will learn on his own
A-encourage and love him
R-awesome bond, close

This is so hard to let them learn the hard way. He is a freshmen and I believe he needs to be on the team for life lessons he will learn. Plus I don’t want him to have free time on his hands. We told him if he is not playing then he will have to get a job. Please help. I would love to know how you use the model on raising your boys. Also another product you could sell-is coaching parents with teenagers or a scholars type program directed for teens of today. I did have them listen to your podcast “13 mentally strong people don’t do”. Loved it and “So what” helped me with my above models also.