Teenage Son

I get that you can make requests of someone- like your child- but that you don’t have any control over if they follow them.

But what if that means you don’t like them? I love my teenager unconditionally but the behavior he is exhibited is such that I want to choose the thought “I don’t like or respect him at this moment because of his actions”. I could choose the thought, “I accept his behavior” or “This is normal for a teenager” but I don’t want to bc they makes me feel nonchalant and indifferent. But the thought, l don’t like or respect his behavior makes me feel mad and angry. How can I come up with a better feeling thought but still holding true to the values I want him to cultivate and learn? Right now, he is acting in a way that I don’t like and to change that thought seems disingenuous. Is it okay not to like your teen? If so, how do I show up as a mom and still parent without controlling him or judging him if he continually acts in a way that I typically would think is disrepectful and irresponsible?? Help!