How To Tell What I Do – Part II

Lady Awesomeness. Thank you for your reply.
Here are two models:

C: No one is paying me to write
T: Yet I write daily anyway
F: Excited
A: Writing passionately
R: Producing meaningful work

C: I am not paid to write
T: Yet I am certain once I will put my work out there, its value will be noticed quickly
F: Confident
A: Even more committed to write
R: Fulfilled as a screenwriter

Here’s my NEW reply:

I am a screenwriter.
I consider myself the luckiest girl. Not only was I blessed with the talent of a storyteller, but I was lucky enough to figure out the process of having a healthy relationship with creativity. Trusting in my ability, nourishing my mind and body, and constantly be interested in the human experience.
And here I am, doing it.

I am waking up each day and creating meaning by telling powerful stories that one day will entertain and move people. People like you.

I get to look at a white paper each morning and blacken it by the end of the day, making something out of nothing.

I get to make up characters, places, conflicts, love stories, sex scenes, and the perfect lines we all wish we had in real life.

Paying me is the last thing on my mind.

I’d do it for free.

I’d do it for the meaning it will bring for everyone who will watch it.

I’d do it because the moment I complete a script and it will go to production, I’ll know that actors, makeup artists, casting director, entire professional crews, hotels, caterings, and marketing employees will be getting jobs just because I’ve took the time to write that story.

Can you think of anything more fulfilling?