Telling People I’m Going to be a Coach

I’m starting coach training in April (YAY!) and am finding that I feel nervous telling people that this is what I am up to.
I know it’s because I’m worried about what they will think of me and my choice. Thoughts are…she’s changing her business again (she’s flaky – I think that’s the biggest one)?, I don’t get what that life coaching stuff is (being skeptical/thinking it’s not legit)….The thing is I’ve seen in my own life the power of coaching and believe in it’s benefits. I’ve kind of been daring myself to tell people so I can create some evidence that the world does not end when I share this information. Overall people are receptive and excited for me but I still feel doubt. Probably because on some level this is what I’m thinking about myself 🙂 How can I keep moving towards confidently declaring that I am becoming a life coach?