Temperature take on how to constrain my ONE March sentence

Good morning! Quick question on how to best build and level-set the March sentence – I’m drawing on my 2018 Impossible Goal from the Dec 2017 work, which is proving to be life changing. By using my specific goal, it feels like it keeps it more real and tangible for me. And also feels a bit stuffed. Using a different, broader sentence feels lighter and also I’m questioning (which means my fear brain is reacting) if a broader sentence gets too nebulous and creates an out for me, because for me, a big part of getting the impossible goal done is, of course, fear about not wanting to do the work, doubt, narrative around rejection, etc. Thoughts about the sentences below?

Original Sentence: I am a mother in a great supportive job living in my own house, close to my family. (this is my impossible goal from 2017 Dec work to reach by 31 Dec midnight)

Broader sentence: I am a person who is making her 2017 impossible goal a reality by 12/31/18.

I’m questioning if I can trust myself enough to use the broader sentence.

Reaction? Thank you as always. My brain loves that cave.