For the last week I have been feeling tense and edgy. I really just kept thinking it was PMS and would go away but it did not. I have been working on the April Time Management homework, creating daily plans and working on the goal of getting my finances in order. Initially I felt amazing and thought I was killing it with getting things done. Then I moved into a bit of a funk and started to feel quite tense. I was not certain if this feeling arose from 1) Looking at my finances and realizing I was in worse shape than I thought or 2) Feeling frustrated that my plan was not always working because it was not accounting for my boss who is constantly throwing new tasks at me and because my kids- are well- kids. This tension hit a crescendo yesterday and I ended up drinking and eating. I thought I could outlast this tension but it just seemed to be going on forever. I did a model. I would love to hear any insights or feedback that you can give me. Thanks!

C Work, Kids
T I can’t control things. My plan is not working because of others.
F Tension, like I am going to blow
A Not do planning, drink beer off protocol, eat off protocol
R More tension, feel bloated, yucky, gain weight, anxious and disappointed

C Work, Kids
T My plan can be flexible and still allow me to feel in control
F Calm
A Continue to plan, play with time structure at work so I don’t feel behind and can be more flexible. Eat on plan, abstain from alcohol.
R Feel better mentally and physically, lose weight.