Terrified of regret

Hi Coaches,

I have been living in my adorable cottage for almost 17 years. It’s near a beautiful river in western Washington. Lush, green, gorgeous area. My sister moved to Arizona a couple years ago and I am considering making the same move. I am going to visit her next week to see if it’s somewhere I can see myself moving.

There are a ton of fun reasons to move. I have lots of equity in my house and can pay off all my debts, buy a cheaper place and live within my means much easier. Travel more, play more, etc. I would buy a horse and ride with my sister and her friends several times per week. Go hiking and exploring all over the state. Have ADVENTURE in my life that has been missing for years.

My work is virtual so I can take it with me.

Cons: it gets up to 120 degrees in the dead of the summer. The heat lasts from about May 1-Oct 1 with the worst of it in July/August. SCARY! I am used to cool, wet weather and mild summers.

I did model about this today:

C: Moving to Arizona
T: I am afraid of moving and then regretting this decision and being stuck and hating it
F: Fear, overwhelm
A: Overthink everything, imagine trying to take the steps to do it and not being able to make clear decisions. I am afraid of regretting LIFE.
R: I do nothing and stay stuck

I have made a few decisions in my life that I have regretted at the time but then realized they were exactly what I needed, painful as they were. My brain feels like it senses a saber-tooth tiger is near! LOL! Help!