Test fear and anxiety

I need some help coming up with neutral/believable thoughts around taking my Real Estate test for the 2nd time. The first time was a month and a half ago. (moved in between there so have not studied). A few years ago, I took a test for a teaching endorsement 5 times and never passed. I will admit, I was doing it just for the money bump and did not truly learn the material. But for this test, I have really been studying. I am more aware this go around over what I need to study but as soon as I set the date to take it again, all my doubts, anxiety and fear came back. The first time I took it I nearly had a panic attack and sobbed when I didn’t pass. I have been working on the classes and now passing the test since January and have been slowed down by Covid, Vacation, Selling our home and moving. I’m ready to get after this but need some replacement thoughts and need to know how to allow the negative.

My Model
C- Real Estate Exam 2nd try scheduled for end of October
T-Can I really pass this test?
A- make a study schedule that I doubt is enough, take a xanax because I am so worked up over it,
R- disbelief in self, already planning to fail