Test Result Update

On 9/13, I received the result of my A1C, which came back as 6.5, diagnosis: officially diabetic. My father passed at 60 from diabetes complications; it is stated on the death certificate after which every other heart and circulatory malady is listed. I panicked and I joined scholars that day. In early October, my doctor said this could not be conquered by diet alone and that even with medication, I would be lucky if it was under 6.1 the next time I took the test. If it came back under 6.1, she would consider taking me off medication.

On 12/7, my A1C came back at 5.6, which is normal, albeit by a tenth of a point. I went from diabetic range and skipped under the whole pre-diabetic range. My doctor was stunned. Condensed, this is what she said: “This doesn’t happen…this is unheard of…you could not expect a better result…fantastic…amazing…don’t expect it to get any better than this.” My impossible goal for 2018 was set that day.

Thank you to Brooke, of course, and to all the coaches and tutors, as well as to all who post their questions both here in Ask Brooke and during the Stop Overeating calls. I cannot believe what I did in three months in 2017. Looking forward to posting about my next test result. Namaste.