Texting Boyfriend

I have decided to talk to my long distance boyfriend around 8-10 pm. Sometimes its 9-10 pm. I try to not work during that time and want to use it to talk to him with no distractions.

But yeah, my boyfriend is still busy at 9 pm. I want to talk to him. But our texts are inconsistent. I want to talk to him and be present with him but most often he says he’s doing something or even when he’s talking to me he is doing something else.

I just feel bad that he can’t be present with me. My thought is: He can’t even make time for me. I also get angry thinking: He could have done all the work during his day time and talk to me at night.

I don’t mind when he has important work. But sometimes, he does random stuff like watch weird videos, work in less important work, talk to someone else. It just makes me feel so bad.

My thought is if I didn’t love him this much, I wouldn’t have been hurt.

What do I do in those 2 hours that I scheduled to talk to him but have no idea if he’s going to be there.
I kind of feel bad because I did wanted to have this time with someone I love. I wanted a relationship where we would at least talk to each other at night no matter who the guy is.