Thank you!, Bring it on! and lots and lots of brain substance all over the place! :-)

I am an ER-small animal veterinarian that dreams about being a life coach for veterinarians/ veterinary professionals. I am currently living in Sweden (moved here for about 6,5 years ago) and working in a veterinary hospital. I informally coached my colleagues ALL MY LIFE! 🙂

I enrolled to SCS this month and ON TOP of my 150% regular jobb as ER-vet 8no exaggeration about the number of working hours) with mornings, evenings, nights, week-ends at work I planned and I managed to build a webpage by myself (not 100% finished, but I had NO PREVIOUS knowledge what-so-ever about this, so my head exploded several times with any small/big victory that was pushing me more towards my dream). I followed the path that Brooke described in the “how to be a life coach” podcast and still keeping on the path.

I started a business and I possess all the legal financial documents that attest that! My head exploded again!

I have an accountant BEFORE I started making money to guide me through the Swedish financial jungle! Boom again!

I wanted to make tons of money helping my colleagues not to get overwhelmed, stressed, burned out but I needed the time to do that. HOW? Following your guidelines in the Money training and the How to be an entrepreneur training. I REALLY asked my future self how did we do that and I found the way of creating tons of time. HOW AGAIN? Offering sooo much value to my employer, finding the biggest itch, scratch it hard for the greatest benefits of ALL the employees and BOOM again! Their heads exploded and my head exploded one more time: I work only 16 days/month and get paid 40% more. 🙂 And I didn’t have a small paycheck before, either! 🙂

I REALLY think that anybody can do anything with the right mindset! I REALLY think that my brain is my best asset!
I’ve proven myself on and on and on again my whole life and bringing it to the perfection this month!

I had my tutor call today with Suzy that helped me with my niche. Awesome ideas, thx, Suzy! We’ll definitely see each other again! 🙂

I have brain substance all over the place now, because my head exploded soo many times and it feels great! :-)))

Next dream is to become a certified life coach in your school. Because other schools don’t resonate with me at all. It will be done sometimes in the future. 🙂

I end this long message by thank you so much for what you are doing and offering to the world!

And because I’m on Ask Brooke I’ll ask a little question also:

I’m on my way to take some professional photos of me (following the plan, staying on the path). Due to the nature of my “BIG”-niche (small animal veterinary professionals-not restrained it YET more than that) should I include some photos/props that relate to the vet-profession? I totally agree that your dog/cat should not be part of the professional photos for the life coach website, but do I need to show something related to that due to the nature of my target-client?

Lots and lots of love! <3!
/Nadina aka “the vetcoach”
P.S. I almost forgot because it was not on my plan: I have lost 4 kg by not overeating. I have not eaten sugar/ honey related products since the 15th of August. I was not by far a sugar junkie before either, and I was only eating “clean” food or fuel-food already, but it is still impressive how much that part of your learnings resonated with me also! I was already fat adapted due to the nature of my job (we don’t have time to eat, so the body is already eating our own fat-snacks), but I was overeating sometimes and buffering through “fuel-foods”-overeating! 🙂 A lot of time saving by eating proteins&sallad/veggies. Fuel. Feels sooo good! 🙂