THANK YOU BROOKE! My dare of the day was to allow myself to want something huge

Suzy the Tutor here! I wanted to share my dare of the day recently. I was in the running for a huge opportunity and was told I would have the answer about whether or not I made the cut by mid-June.

I shared this with you, Brooke, and you said, “You got it Mama.” It was at that moment that I realized I was in full prep mode for NOT GETTING IT. My thoughts were, “you probably won’t get it,” “it’s too big an opportunity,” “don’t expect it to happen” and the ever popular, “be grateful that you even made it this far,” All of these thoughts created feelings of disappointment and failure.

However, When I read your words, it occurred to me that I could actually DARE MYSELF to WANT IT and go all in with my emotions that it was going to happen! So I did! I start visualizing it actually happening. It felt weird – it felt bold. It felt like a stretch, but I did it anyway! And then, to my surprise, IT HAPPENED!!!! I cried when I got the email and immediately shared it with you again Brooke, to which you replied………………”OBVIOUSLY.” I’m still smiling out loud about your response. This was a HUGE lesson and insight for me. THANK YOU!