Thank goodness for thought downloads

I serve as the senior medical officer at a public health agency and report to the director. Our city’s first confirmed positive cases occurred while my boss was out on medical leave. I was suddenly doing press conferences with the Mayor, I was supporting our amazing team of scientists/public servants, I was not eating or sleeping. My boss came back, I started to run the rest of the agency (since babies are still being born and people are still being diagnosed with other conditions like cancer and flu), I have to be ready to step in for my boss again at any time lest she become exposed or a case, and I have been full of anxiety and worry for my colleagues and my town and my aging parents. I listened to a few of the new podcasts, and I just did a thought download. I saw all the sentences in my brain that create my anxiety, none of them are facts. I also saw sentences like ‘I know exactly how to help’ and ‘I’m so honored to take care of my city’ which feel absolutely as true for me. It took maybe 10 minutes, it was about a page, and it has made all the difference. I’m totally ready to keep rocking. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this work.