Thank you – intermittent fasting & a.m.tiredness


I have been enjoying/devouring your overeating material. Thank you! I lost ten pounds when I was at the Isha Yoga Center in India two years ago as a result of only eating two meals a day (intermittent fasting) & eating mainly vegetables. I remember feeling ravenous at the time. I also remember how great it was/is to feel thin! Although, I have stayed relatively thin, I have been consuming a lot of sugar & now with your material, I am eliminating it again. Oh yes, my question! I usually wake up feeling tired & immediately eat something with decaf coffee – usually a few tablespoons of a bullet blend of pistachios, unsweetened carob, unsweetened coconut, a few dates & cardamon. Suggestions? I am comfortable with ravenous, but a.m. tiredness not so much! LOL. Love, Ginny Also, at 5’3 what is an ideal weight? My weight range is 125-128 when I go lower, I loose my breasts.