Thank you – live coaching call

Hi Brooke, I am constantly amazed at how effortlessly you coach all of us with so many different scenarios. I am Cyndi, and the realization that I was being dramatic during your live coaching call was so overwhelming, yet positive for me to know. All weekend can long I’ve said to my husband “hey if I don’t notice it, please point out if I’m being dramatic :-)” he is seeing such an amazing change in me and how I am with our children and our work and now I’m going to focus on how I manage my thoughts with extended family 🙂 On another note, your way of over-delivering in your business is absolutely epic! I have taken that way of thinking to my business to let all my tenants know that my future plan is to constantly over deliver so that they want to stay with us for their whole career! It’s truly amazing and I can’t thank you for your work enough. Xoxo