Thank you again, self coaching can pay for itself in one aha moment!

I am coming up to the year anniversary of my husband’s passing and my schedule is looking different then it did in the summer. I have been with self-coaching since June and not until this month, I’ve not been able to keep up with video’s, etc. However, saying that I do know where to go quickly when I need help or encouragement. In the wee hours of this morning I found your podcast #17 and it was the change I needed. My dog is an anchor for me during these next few weeks and he got very sick over the last two days. I looked at my thoughts and I had already lost him in my mind and was experiencing the grief of that loss and I had not even started any treatment for him. So, the question was, “how would I feel if I didn’t have this problem.” Well, joyful and happy while walking my dog and petting him which gives me comfort. I was not doing that, in fact, I was distancing myself from him to protect my feelings. When I changed my thoughts it changed the day and I’m happy to say we are on our way back to normal.Of course with the help of meds and creams from the Vet. I also asked what I should weight and you said 130 for my 5’6″ frame and I am at 130. Lost all that stress weight. Through these last few months, your voice in my ear has helped me do what I need to do for myself, again thank you. This is the first month I felt I was not doing what I paid for but, the information accumulates and I retrieve it when I need it.
To Be Continued….