Thank you wonderful people!

Hello Brooke and Co.!♥️
I want just to express my gratitude for all the help that I’ve received from SCS. I cannot emphasize more the importance of booking the time with the tutor, showing up online in the Model-calls or live coaching or even in overdrinking and overeating (if the time allows it). I received soooo much relief and understanding of my own thinking and my own pains by putting myself there and asking for help. You and your coaches are like mind/brain-readers-ninjas with a laser blade of a mind! OMG!
I am doing my work by myself daily, but the help I’ve got from the coaches is INVALUABLE! Just an “innocent” phrase that came out of their mouths and my mind exploded in relief! Years of unnecessary pain vanished in 2 seconds! Spuff!
Just got accepted for this year to come to the LCS training and did my first payment. Working on the getting the VISA to be able to travel to USA. Laser focus and thoughts-work daily!
I will do anything in my power to become a ninja-mind-reader-model-user in the future. And beyond my current power! Because I am growing every-single-darn-day!

Love you sooo much and thanx again that you put yourselves out there!