Thank you for the wonderful surprise of snippets from different life coaches at the end of your podcasts!

I am loving your podcasts by themselves but I am also getting a lot out of your coaches at the end, especially Katrina and Brenda. I am now also listening to Katrina’s podcasts and have implemented both of their suggestions from the podcast.
I remember when I first started listening to your podcasts and then joined self coaching scholars for the overeating program. I thought your were crazy when you said the protocol for eating was to give up sugar and flour and it took me several months to wrap my brain around it and realize that it worked. Now I am getting fabulous results, feel amazing. I have a goal of losing 2 lbs per week to reach my goal weight in June 2018 and I am implementing Brenda’s suggestions for tweaking my protocol and going all in no matter what and acting like I have to shed those last 10 lbs now and that has really boosted my motivation. I no longer feel like I won’t be able to maintain it because you have taught me how to manage my mind.
So my present self, future self, and future future self all thank you for the great work and your generosity and for instilling generosity in all of your coaches! I also learn a ton from listening to the coaching calls even if I think it does not apply to me; I can use it in some way.