Thank you :0)

Dear Brooke,

Thank you for Coaching me live on Thursday.

Remember me? I am the Life Coach Scholar who is addicted to watching Brooke videos?

You gave me a breakthrough during my live coaching session. Wow! You changed my entire perspective.

I am still watching, but now I am taking action after each video. I am still listening to the podcasts, but now I am taking action after I listen. I decide what I will utilize from each segment.

I look to find a pearl of wisdom as my take away and implement it immediately in my daily life.

I have post it notes all over my house with “Brooke-isms” my sons and I can put to use right now, not when…..!

I have “modified” my 12 month goal and changed it to my 6 month goal. It will be achieved!

I sincerely thank you. This is working because I am doing the work with your coaching.

Best regards,

Karen Lyons Nowadly