thank you.

Just writing to express my gratitude.

I’ve never actually successfully lost much weight before in my life, not in a way I felt in control of and that was sustainable. But in the first seven weeks of SCS, I lost 25 pounds — without ever feeling deprived, because fat adaptation ROCKS. Honestly, it’s felt a little surreal, like I’m making up the weight loss, even though I can feel it in my clothes. No one in my life has mentioned noticing it (which is fine; I try not to hang out too much with body commenters!), so it has sometimes felt like an idea I made up, too good to be true.

But today my sister texted me some pictures of me and my kids at the beach. I just stared at them. I couldn’t believe how different I looked. Not even necessarily my body size and shape so much as the freedom and confidence I was moving with.

This is so awesome. It’s more than I ever thought was possible. Thanks for helping me get clarity on what I’m actually capable of!