Thank You

You probably get these messages all the time, but this is just a thank you to tell you how Self Coaching Scholars has helped me in 2 short months. I no longer do the following or if I do I don’t feel like it defines me now – it’s no longer a pattern or program;
– Waste energy thinking about food (when, what, with whom and where I’m going to eat)
– Snack/eat mindlessly
– Am afraid to try new things
– Tell myself I can’t do something or am not good at something
– Blame my parents or husband for all the things wrong in my life
– Think I’m unworthy of love and/or happiness
– Am afraid to feel fear

Some stuff is a work in progress, but the change has been so powerful I want to cry with joy. I have lost weight almost without trying, I have more time to do things because my mind isn’t consumed with thoughts of food, how much I hate my body, what I’m going to wear etc etc, my relationship with my friends and especially my parents has improved dramatically, I feel like I’m getting my sexy back, I have tried so many new things without fear and with an open mind and am actually good at them (such as reformer pilates) and even if I wasn’t or it didn’t work out the way I hoped I don’t care, I still enjoyed the challenge of doing them, I have started a new business and I have finally found the strength to leave my husband, a marriage I have been unhappy in for a while now but thought that I had to make it work because that was just life. Everyone has been commenting on how happy I am, how good I look, how much fun I am to be around and I FEEL IT. Today I caught myself smiling in my car, singing loudly and dancing as I drove in the rare sunshine on this winter day and I was beaming from the inside out. Not caring who saw me, how ridiculous I looked but only that I was happy.

All the years I have tried diets, excercise and personal trainers, counselling, medication, professional opinons and advice etc etc and in 2 months I have done everything you have recommended, I listen to your podcasts, I practice thought downloads – I play full out 150% and I feel like my life is literally transforming before my eyes in ALL area’s not just weightloss. I love the work you do, I call you my mentor because I trust your word and it has worked for me.

So Thank You, from the bottom of my being xx