Thank you!

Today marks 75 lbs lost. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing so much value to me. I have yo-yo dieted since age 16. As I approach my fifities, I can mark weight loss off my list of goals. I know my health is better and I will live longer because of your work. My life is richer and improved in all areas because of my improved mental health. I have stopped jumping to conclusions, people pleasing, I have dropped my heavy manuals for all my relationships, I accept people for who they are and am onto my primitive brain. I have a new best friend, myself and I like her. She is a badass. Yesterday I had a crappy day and guess what? That is all it was, nothing had gone wrong :).
I am renewed. My life will never be the same . Brooke Castillo you are my hero. I hope I can hug your neck on day soon.