Thank you

I thought my life had changed and gotten so much better then I peeled another layer..Thank you, Brooke.

I wanted to brag a little about what you have helped me to accomplish in the last 6 years.

Picked up your book ..If I’m so Smart..Why Can’t I Lose Weight and in 6 months I dropped 64 lbs and have kept if off ..I’m 5’4 and 128 lbs. with little effort..after being obese for almost 10 years and overweight most of my adult life. Like you say..its was a decision and not much else. I do not overeat.Thank you

Since cleaning up my food I decided to drop the wine with dinner and Tequila shot habit, way too much after work and on weekends.Clearly not helping my weight loss and health goals stopped drinking. Thank you

Decided to clean up my world and hired an Organizational Coach and my life has never been the same..she showed me how everything has a place, clutter and overbuying is a thing of the past. Love my cleaned up is so much easier when you’re not spending time looking for lost crap. My business flourished as I had time to plan and execute without the clutter..Thank you

After losing 64 lbs I now have the beautiful wardrobe of my dreams. Everything fits and it is amazing or it is passed on to someone else to adore. I love walking up to my organized closet and picking out another beautiful outfit ..thank you

3 years ago I decided I wanted to retire from the best job ever because I could and it was time.I was overwhelmed at how to end a successful 40-year career in Industrial Sales. Hired the best business coach and my last 3 years in my career were the most incredible adventure and the business growth was unbelievable. I almost wanted to stay and keep working. I just have too many fun things I want to do and I got to go out on top..Thank you

The moment I heard about SCS I jumped on, my real intention was to justify moving on and leaving a boring, predictable nearly 20-year marriage. He is a very nice man and I do love him but I wanted to be free of him and go and live my amazing life without him. I am getting some clarity, this is nothing about him. He is still the nice wonderful stable man I married..but I’m still not sure of how I will feel if I don’t go or how I will feel if I stay. I’m not so sure of my decision or direction in my life but I am committed to doing the work for the next year and see where it leads me. I’m planning on contacting your Coaches for one on one help..and could use your suggestion as whom on your team would be a good match. ..Thank you