Thank you :)

Just so full of appreciation for you and SCS!! I cannot even list out all the little and huge changes I am making in my life every day (I tried once before in a similar post 🙂 and how beyond belief excited I am about my impossible goal to become a certified life coach! The decision was not hard at all — it is only the logistics that my brain wants to derail me with. I am practicing thinking and acting as if I have already achieved the goal and I am already the person who accomplishes what I need to do because that’s who I am — and it is incredible how freeing that feels! I am just like, oh yeah, this is what I do as a life coach who makes 100K+. I have so many logistics to figure out, lots of learning to do, actions to fail at — but instead of feeling overwhelmed I am just excited and exhilarated! OK I am also scared, not gonna lie. I am telling everyone I know I am going to the modelthon in January and will be starting my training while still keeping my current job as a school principal. My husband is 100% betting on me (his words). I know it’s going to still be 50/50 but my question is most of my thoughts in December are super positive about my impossible goal. Is this OK? I do models on thoughts such as “I wonder if there are rules against doing this with my current employer” and then I immediately think -It’s not a problem. I can find out the rules and follow them, or not. It’s no big deal. I also find myself having a great day and then seeing a video or picture of myself and having thoughts of hating on my body (WTH?) and realize my brain seems to want to go back to those deeply practiced thinking patterns. I need more thought work here for sure. So I am doing the thought downloads with my goal in mind but then when most of my thoughts about that are serving me well I do work on the put down thoughts about my body. This is the idea, yes? This work in its entirety — the podcasts, SCS, webinars, all of it, SO AMAZING. I am clear about what I am doing – because it’s what I want to do – for the first time in 51 years. SO much appreciation for you! Can’t wait to meet you in less than a month!! Jodi