Thank You

Hi Brooke, I am new to SCS as of 2 weeks but I have already gained so much— I started at 30 lbs outside of goal weight and have already lost 10 lbs since April 1. I didn’t think this was possible!!! I thought my ship had sailed in my 20’s and felt I needed to settle with any goals for the future. Thanks to you I have been able to say “EFF that!!!” To those thoughts. I have so much I want to be and do. I am focusing on weight loss first, but I am ready to dive into growing my business and getting rid of my scarcity mindset. My question is: should I wait until I reach my goal weight until I start on the money stuff or anything else? I have 20 more lbs to go– but I am not struggling to accept the protocol and I am all in. I feel like I have been handed a set of keys and I want to unlock another door. Is it too soon? Or should I wait until I achieve my weight goal? I also have a habit of wanting to take on too much at once so I am hesitant….. but I am also an A+ student and feel very rewarded when I over achieve (and then burn out)…:). Thanks for the advice!!!