Thank You

I just want to say that SCS has been amazing for me! I had an ah-hah moment today. I’ve been doing stop over eating/urge jar and I’m noticing so many more feelings coming up now that I’m not constantly snacking and buffering. I was driving home to pick up something for my son which was an inconvenience to me because of something to do with my Mother in law. I felt annoyed with her and I saw that my instant reaction was to think NO you are not allowed to be annoyed with her-she does so much for you. But I realized that this was resisting, and so I decided to just let the annoyance be there instead. It was a prickly feeling in my arms and not a big deal. I’m seeing that there are many times that I have resisted emotion or didn’t even notice it because of eating. I think I will be able to understand how to process food urges now too. Thank you!