I want to thank all of the coaches who have touched my life in some way over the month of June. To Brooke – thank you for being the strong role model I have been looking for my whole life. I respect you so very much! I decided to join in on the lose 8 pounds in June challenge. I lost the 8 pounds as well as the dreaded “muffin top”. I used the intermittent fasting plan and decided to throw in no alcohol for the month while I was at it. I drank 1- 2 bottles of wine a week at max before, but I felt like it kept me from showing up for myself the days after I had a couple of glasses. I now wake up full of energy and JUST SO HAPPY!
I have also taken other lessons to heart – I could listen to Corrine all day long! Some wonderful , creative opportunities have come my way, and instead of thinking that I may not have what it takes, I have moved forward with confidence. Thank you all so much! Your work has made a world of difference to my life in just 2 months. After decades of living small, I am on my way to living the life that I did not think was imaginable for me at 64! For all of you lovely younger women – do not wait one more minute to live your life to its full potential! Be your awesome selves!