Thank you!

You read my mind on the Ask Brook book!! I started in January and have learned so much about myself through all the lessons. I am really connected to the idea to stop buffering. So here is an update on my success thus far.

I wrote a speaking proposal and have been selected to speak at 3 conferences. (This is my most exciting wins.)
I am hosting my own retreat/workshop at the end of the month.
I have eliminated sugar, flour and dairy, and successfully lost 20 pounds with IF!!!!!!!! (IF is surprisingly easier for me than I imagined)

I am continuing to work on my coaching practice and developing my website and blog.
I am continuing to lose the remainder of the excess weight on me with IF.
I am continuing to work on eliminating buffering when feelings of anxiety, fear, jealously, and tired.

Unexpected benefit: I have replaced over eating with learning to play the guitar. I love the idea that food is not entertainment. In fact, yesterday I went to a party and did not eat. And I still had a great time!!

Lesson from this month – I can feel self-confident even while feeling anxiety, fear, jealously, and tired.