Thank you and a question

Gratitude for this space, where I can keep following the inner wisdom while I learn more about my amazing brain. How it protects me, and how I get to practice self love and be more
and more deliberate in my living. Thank you for the training.

With this support … what I am unraveling now has been niggling at me for years. And I am now addressing it.

Which leads to the context of my question –

There is a strange back and forth between knowing I am capable of hitting my goal revenue of a $1 million this year, and not believing in myself.

With the former, I’ve already made multiple six figures per year and I am building out the new plan to help achieve the goal.

And then there is the procrastination on some aspects and I notice the thought “I can’t do this because I am not allowed to.” (A young thought which I know isn’t true but leads me to hide). But what follows is frustration because I know I can do it.

I get that it is an uptick in me being good to myself and where my work is.

I’m wondering how I would model it?

C – $1 million
T – I can do it
F – creative excitement
A – produce programs, offers
R – $1 million

C – $1 million
T – I can’t do this because I am not allowed
F – helpless
A – procrastinate
R – don’t get the needed activities done and frustration

C – activities
T – come on ….
F – frustration
A – buffer with some activity
R – frustrated

So as I write it out I’m having an idea.
What if the circumstance is not doing what I said I would …..maybe I can change my thinking l
Would that change things ?

C – don’t do what I said I would
T – what’s up my friend (talking to myself)
F – nurtured but also fear (which I had been buffering for previously)
A – do the activity anyway
R – on task with critical items

That JS feeling better.

In summary… I want to feel good and I also want to keep treating myself well. I can tell I’m breaking the old habit of getting down on myself and this one is an opportunity to really hone this skill.