Thank you Brooke

Hello Brooke,
I just wanted to thank you on the back of a pretty challenging weekend with my sister and her son visiting us. I love my sister very much and was very excited when she told me they were coming to visit but I noticed myself getting less excited as the date of their trip got closer. I did some thought work and identified the intentional thoughts I wanted to have about hosting them and most of all I decided to love her however she came. Over the weekend, I had lots of moments of having to tune into the intentional thoughts and of actively choosing love (so hard sometimes). After I dropped her at he airport I felt good that I had handled this weekend much better than I would have pre-SCS.
It got me thinking of a quote I saw that I often reflect on this weight loss journey I’ve been on “being heavy is hard, losing weight is hard. Choose your hard” and now “loving your sister is hard, fighting with your sister is hard. Choose your hard”. It’s like SCS has shown me how to adult more; it’s not necessarily making me feel happier but definitely more satisfied and conscious. I definitely feel better. I didn’t know it was this hard though.
Thank you for opening this path and walking it.