Thank you/Brother’s manual

I have received coaching several times on my thoughts about my brother (who is a priest) and the letters that he has written asking me to return to the Catholic church. After my last coaching here on Ask Brooke, earlier in the week, I haven’t felt suffering on this topic–for the first time in about 5 or 6 weeks. For now, my thoughts are that “my brother is capable of handling his own emotions” and “I love my brother and I get to choose how to respond to his requests.” Those thoughts are giving me peace, so I thank you and all the previous coaches for helping me with the work that has brought me to this point! One of the things I did was allow myself to write down those responses that I had kept mentally rehearsing, to get them out of my brain. I now have a document with a number of loving responses that I can choose to use when and if I decide to respond. I also have the space to consider other possibilities. I think this was a good method, as it has given me a lot of peace. Thanks again for coaching me on this!