Thank you – don’t feel alone and deeply inspired

Thank you for answering my urge vs. hunger questions.

I just joined scholars and am SO excited. I feel like I’ve found someone that speaks my language. I’ve read all the same books and loved all the same authors, but knew I wasn’t quite maximizing what I was ingesting. Now I feel there is a path forward.

As of this moment, I’ve shed 16.6 pounds. I’m 5′ 3″ and my original goal was 135, then I listed to something you said and moved it to 125. I mean why not? Interested to see myself become the person that can do this.

I’ve owned my business for 4 years and hovered around $150k each year. Next goal is to figure out how to grow my income without sacrificing what I love about my work.

Then…who knows?!

I’m so inspired and excited. Thank you for the work you’re putting out into the world.