Thank you for helping me regain my health..

Hi Brooke,
Margaret DD1 here..(that’s Diamond Day 1.. I made that up LOL) I have been here since the first day..I had been a podcast listener for a long time and the moment I heard you mention SCS I jumped in with both feet. I didn’t need to lose weight at this point in my life but wanted to do this program for the other 99 issue.. it has been the best decision. I wanted to give you an update on my weight loss and how I have been able to maintain my goal weight for years while working on this program.

In 2010 I was 58 and 5’4 and had been teetering on 200 lbs for many years, I was your typical dieter..lose 20 lbs gain back 30 pounds.. Long story short I’m 198 lbs, I stop at the bookstore..I’m sure to get a Frappuccino and sugary snack, and I stop by the weight loss section. And I picked up your book, If I’m so Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight and it clicks with me…I go home and tell my husband also 70 lbs overweight..”I’m doing a diet one more time, and I’m doing this on my own”..He rolls his eyes and before I knew it..I lost all my weight and had been at goal weight 123-125 ..size 4-6 WHBM (White House Black Market) for almost seven years. My weight had become a non-issue and was on my way to start a new business was rocking. Side note..he also lost 70 lbs and had never gained it back..Yeah for both of us!!

In 2016 I’m in Cuba with a group of friends delivering medical supplies to the poor, I picked up a parasite ..shortly after returning home, one day I could no longer get out of bed and was in horrible stomach pain. While trying everything Western Medicine had to offer to cure this illness my weight dropped to110 lbs. I had not been out of the house in months other than to go to the doctor after doctor trying to find a cure. I was scary thin, everything I was eating was not going to my body and I was now a size 0 and that size was falling off of me.

What I found so crazy is how uncomfortable being too thin is.. every time I sat down my tailbone dug into my skin. I had been a student of Iyengar Yoga for a few years, and that helped keep me sane and centered. My loving Yoga Teacher leaned down when she was adjusting a pose and whispered in my ear..”I’m worried about you are too thin” and hearing it from her..I started to cry..I looked so frail and sickly, I was so afraid..I knew all I wanted now was to get well and gain weight..Seriously..this was a new problem I had never considered for my life. How was I going to gain weight without going off the deep end and ending back at 200? I remembered when I lost the weight how “Determined” and how I made the “decision” to change and I just did the reverse..but kept my goal in mind and looked at the writing on my mirror every day..123-125..

I had nowhere to turn..and that feeling felt exactly the same as when I was overweight…I thought of what you would have said to me..”If you knew what to do about your weight loss what would it be?”

Eating two extra large meals a day I was still dropping weight. While being treated by Eastern Medicine Doctors to kill the parasites, I added smaller meals in between, and I finally stopped losing weight. I stayed at 110 pounds or less for a long time..and hated how I felt in my body..

Trying to gain weight without sugar and flour is a challenge, but I did it. I added heavy cream and oatmeal between meals, healthy vegetables with olive oil, more starchy vegetable with butter and fattier meats. Slowly I watched the scale creep back up, and my fear was of course..can I stop eating 5 and six times a day? Can I get back to my regular protocol when I heal my body? The answer was YES…I can do anything I set my mind to do.

I have now been back on my usual protocol..2 meals no snacking, no sugar no flour, heavy cream only in my morning coffee and have been at goal weight 123-125 or almost five months. I am so proud of myself. I not only lost the 75 lbs in 2010 and keep it off, I have been able to dial my weight in and I know I can do this for the rest of my life…Thank you Brooke, and thank you to all your team..Margaret DD1