Thank you for ‘how to get it done’

Hi Brooke and all the amazing life coaches on this website –

I’m so appreciative of this month’s work. I thought I knew how to get things done. I thought to myself – easy, I’ve accomplished so much already and I’ve done very hard things before – but what you teach takes ‘getting it done’ to the next level. My goal was to do the money course from start to finish, including all the bonus calls, and I finished this past weekend. I’m so thankful for the course and still enjoying the not so subtle shifts I’m cultivating for myself in terms my thoughts, feelings, and actions regarding money. I’m also feeling really proud of myself for watching all the videos, doing all the worksheets, and watching/ taking notes during all of the money bonus calls. I can’t say that I always ‘wanted’ to sit down and do the work, but I did it anyway to honor myself, just like you teach and the thoughts and feelings afterwards are all about gratitude and pride of accomplishment. I truly think that this course has been life changing – and you’re right – on the surface, the concepts you teach seem so straightforward, but they’re not and they’re everything. I’ve read lots of books about money, how to manage your money, how to get a ‘financial life’, how to save, how to invest and all of these concepts are important, but they don’t get at the heart of money problems – the mind. It’s all about the mind. I’m really looking forward to next month’s work too (a clean house)!

Thank you,