THANK YOU for the depression podcast. I have read nothing like it for more than a decade on depression!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, BROOKE!!!!! The depression podcast is one of the top best things I ever came across in more than a decade of self -help, so much insight, so much suggestions and advice and so helpful!!!!!! I have started doing everything you have advised and cutting out all things you haven’t advised to do!!!!!! It is sooo good that I trust it completely and I am following the steps , and the guidelines in the podcast!!!
If there are something more you want to advise me about depression in addition to the podcast please do, because I am already seeing dreams of managing depression by forcing it out of the negative spin cycle to a positive one from all sides/angles. If there is something more about depression that you have to advise me to completely manage my depression and become a happy, high-functioning individual please do because I have already started the game to make depression better.
but, once again THANKS for the podcast, it’s a new ray of hope in my life affected by depression!!!!!! IMMENSE GRATITUDE!!!!!!!! And ohh yes, another podcast of depression is much needed and highly welcome!!!!!!! 🙂