THANK YOU for the July homework! Dealing with my PAST stories = FREEDOM!

I just have to THANK YOU for the great opportunity July has been for me to complete some things from the past that had been stopping me. In particular, I’m finding the weekly homework (pick past episodes to rethink, rewrite, and be empowered by) AMAZING.

First, Brooke coached me on the first coaching call to help me see that being fired isn’t a big deal. Then, I went deeper with the one-on-one coaching to really get where old conversations were not serving me. I now know my litany of “greatest hits” lower-brain thoughts that appear in many of my “stuck” episodes and see how dead-end they are – and I can now thank them for sharing! The biggest one is “I should have known better/I’m so stupid for not knowing that at the time” – there’s absolutely nowhere to go with that except to circle the drain and stay stuck. I’m loving switching that to, “I’m smart, but there’s some things I didn’t know at the time, and that’s how it was meant to be. I now have the confidence to know how to figure out what I need to know in any area of my life.”

I’m also proud of myself for taking on this work – LOVE self-coaching and being better every moment than the moment before. Thank you so much for making this work available to us and providing the 20 minutes of coaching a week, the regular group calls, and everything else. This is the best money I’ve ever spent in my life!