Thank you for the tools!

You said money is math and the emotions I had around money was drama. Also, not thinking I deserve it is drama! It’s my money! Those words changed my thoughts. It’s the stories I tell about the circumstances that start me spinning. Your tools give me another language to change my thoughts which then makes everything simple. Your teachers are my teachers and I also have spent a good many days listening and learning and still coming up short. This approach to making changes called self-coaching is not new (as you shared in a podcast) but, I’m hearing it differently. I’m also very committed to a book you rarely mention, “It was always meant to happen that way”. I usually find something every day that helps with my day or a new way to look at my beliefs. I like the honest way it was written and it seems to speak to what I need right now. Next month’s topic will be especially good for me because my purpose is not revealing itself right now. Now fire in my belly as they say. But, as you said in another podcast maybe that is okay for now. The podcast was about some friends that were not feeling the passion anymore.
So, again, thank you for teaching your tools and I look forward to continuing this journey.