Thank you from yet another SCS student! (LRS)

Brook, et al.,
Two things happened today at my work (and it’s only 7am!):
1) I received an email from someone who is routinely grumpy and demanding. After requesting I do something for her, she said, “Thanks for all you do!!!” Eyebrows raised, jaw dropped, LOL. She visited me last week and I just let her vent instead of trying to escape or fix her “problems.”
2) A notoriously loud and angry technician, who yelled at me last week at our lunch table, for no other reason than I was talking with another person near his desk (!). I simply didn’t react to it at the time. I realized he was upset about something else, and, he has anger issues. Then, this morning without any provocation he came over and apologized for his behavior. I gave him a high 5. <3
I believe these things are happening because I am learning to interact with folks with curiosity and compassion, to listen in their language instead of shutting down or getting frustrated or angry. I can’t believe how taking care of myself is allowing me to care of those around me too. And, whether they know it or not, they are benefiting from your teachings here at Scholars.

Ya’ll are da bomb!