Thank you, Lauren!

It’s always lovely (and painful — healthy discomfort) to have my 10-minute tutoring sessions with the wonderful Lauren Ciesco. Today she helped me with thoughts that feel like circumstances I’m choosing around my baby waking up every 45-90 minutes at night. After being (choosing to be) full of rage during all these nights, and lashing out at my partner, I was able to acknowledge one of the underlying issues that I am trying to fight reality. My baby wakes up, and instead of asking myself how I want to show up, I basically have a tantrum and say “no, this shouldn’t be happening.” Then I spend the day whining about being tired and acting grumpy to my older child. Ugh. Today after my coaching session, I had a good cry with my husband and realized and expressed how I feel shame around this issue and how I’m working on new thoughts.

This is all a very long-winded way of saying, Thank you, Lauren! It’s amazing what 10 minutes on the phone with you can do. (And by phone, I mean Zoom.)